Friday, November 03, 2006

A PR Moment

Well, as you see, my blog name is P R Woman for Christ. In the last few days I have been involved in PR: working on the promotion of the new movie, The Nativity Story, put out by New Line Cinema. Of course, New Line Cinema does not need my help to promote the movie. However, a caveat is this: we Daughters of St. Paul have published a film guide for Catholics on The Nativity Story; and a book on reflections about Mary, the Mother of Jesus, called also "The Nativity Story." I began by phoning the Archdiocesan Catholic paper, The Catholic Register. The publisher put me in touch with a reporter who is doing a story on the film and Catholics, etc. The young woman seems to take a rather negative attitude. She did interview Sr. Marie Paul who lives here, and contributed an article to the book. She called Sister Rose Pacatte author of the film guide and editor of the book who lives near Los Angeles. I hope that her article is a lot more upbeat. She seemed to think that the Catholic and Christian backing for the film is nothing more than a marketing ploy. That marketing is involved is definite. However marketing is not a bad thing. It depends on what is being marketed. Our Founder, Blessed Alberione, always wanted us to promote the good things that are in the media. This movie is definitely very good. Rather than condemn bad media, we want to positively promote good media such as The Nativity Story. There will always be parts some will not like. Artistry has its subjective side too. Sister Marie Paul saw the movie last week at the City of Angels Film Festival in Los Angeles. She thinks it a good family film--not for small kids, but for those 10 on up, and for adults. Of course, each family has to judge for itself the maturity level of their own children.
We are trying to arrange a screening for Catholics in Toronto before the opening date of Dec. 1.
Keep this project in your prayers. I will let you know more later.
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