Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Thanksgiving greetings to all my readers. On Thursday, millions of Americans will gather for a family meal, many with turkeys or hams and all the trimmings. In my family, thanksgiving remains a day when as many as possible of my siblings gather together for a festive meal and fellowship. We always used special amber glass plates. Only a few years ago did I realize that the dinner wear is called "Depression Glass." Now sought-after by antique collectors, the made-in-America tinted glass substituted for fine China.
Although not a church holy day, it is our American day to thank God for his unending goodness to each of us, and to our nation. We are one nation under God.
When you feel like getting cranky or ready to complain, it may help to sit down and write a litany of thanksgiving/a list of your gifts, and ways others have gifted you.
My best wishes and prayers for you that your Thanksgiving Day may be joyous in all ways!