Saturday, April 07, 2012

Happy Easter!

Christ is risen! He is truly risen, Alleluia! May the certainty of our faith bring all of us joy and hope as we celebrate Jesus' resurrection. Enjoy the fullness of our Easter liturgies, and let the grace of God imbue your heart and soul with love and peace. As disciples of the Risen One let us rejoice and be glad. Blessings to all of you who read this for a very Happy Easter!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Holy Week

I hope all my readers did not give up on me! Life has been busy for me this Lenten season. I have never seen a Lent go by in such a dizzying way! It seemed yesterday that ashes adorned my forehead. Yesterday I held a palm branch to commemorate Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem.
Thanks to our unusually warm winter and spring, our flowers are blooming, especially our Iris and tulips. Out backyard peach tree has a lovely cloak of deep pink blossoms. A picture of our front yard could easily adorn an Easter card.
It would be terrific if I had as many virtues as there are flowers in our field. I trust that as Lent gives way to the solemn Three Days of celebration of the Paschal Mystery some "flowers" may show up in my spiritual garden. Of course, Jesus is the Master Gardener, so he can make things sprout where weeds abound!
Last week I was privileged to be at a parish in a northern suburb of the Philadelphia Archdiocese. The priest in charge invited me to speak about my religious vocation at all the Masses. When I asked for a show of hands at one of the Masses when I asked who was thinking of being a religious sister, I could see two little hands waving from a distant pew. Two generous four-year-olds with their moms came to see me at our book and media display. Of course, the young ladies need to "age" for a good 14 years, they can keep on kindling the fire of holy desires in their hearts and minds.
Pray for little Lily and Emma to grow up and be generous in their response to whatever role God is calling them to fill. In the meantime, pray for the young adult women who will soon be attending and discerning at our Boston community's Holy Week Retreat.
My prayers are for all my readers to spend a reflective holy week of preparation for the greatest Christian Feast of the year.