Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today I read a comment on my last post on the Big Seven Capitol Sins. The comment said that, like a bad egg, once it is cracked open, things get worse. Thanks to the person who sent his comment.
Today's Gospel tells us that Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem. He told his apostles that suffering and humiliation awaited him. They were put off by what He said. How could the Messiah be a Man of Sorrows? I can sympathize with the Apostles. Suffering is not something our nature seeks after. Yet we know from experience that the Cross is always somewhere. Jesus carried his. He gives us the grace to carry ours.
During this world wide financial crunch there are in-laid crosses: Perhaps the cross is hidden in the restrictions of a very tight budget; it may mean working harder with less pay; putting up with disappointments and other inconveniences. Bearing our own shortcomings and those of the people with whom we live is a daily cross. When we allow Jesus to live in us, we are able to bear the weight of our daily share in His passion. Mpther Thecla Merlo, the first Mother General of the Daughters of St. Paul said, "Even if we cannot always be joyful, we can always be at peace!" Keeping our eyes on the Prize--Heaven--helps us to have a light heart as we journey with the Lord this Lent.

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