Sunday, January 17, 2010


I just realized that this is my first posting for 2010!
Of course, Haiti is on my mind, since one of the health care persons and the cook at our Boston convent have many relatives in Haiti. One of them had a relative working for the UN. Neither of them have heard any news. In Canada, the country's Governor General, is a woman born in Haiti. So the ties with Haiti are many. One of our Sisters has an aunt, a missionary nun, stationed in a mountainous area of Haiti. None of the Sisters from that mission are accounted for, so far.
In today's New York times, Nicholas Kristoff has an article which tells us that we are hard wired to give of ourselves to one another. The outpouring of solidarity for Haiti seems to prove that to be true. Kristoff gives evidence that people who are involved in their religion, and spend time helping others are happy, even if they are not "beautiful" or wealthy.
I pray that Haiti will rise from this disaster a much better nation in all ways. May this island nation find order, justice, adequate housing and nourishment, education and health care. Thanks to the media of all sorts: radio, TV, Internet and phones our world is so much more connected. The Co-Foundress of the Daughters of St. Paul used to remind us to send "phone messages" to the Lord with short prayers. I send up little prayers for our brothers and sisters in Haiti that they may not lose hope.
May this first month of the new year be one of much success and many graces for all who read this blog.
Tomorrow we begin the celebration of the week of Prayer for Christian Unity. May this week be marked by prayer, respect, and deeper understanding among all Churches that bear the name of Christian.

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