Friday, August 27, 2010

A Night Out at Gillette Stadium

Yesterday evening four of us Sisters left our house about 6:00 PM headed to a New England Patriots ball game. I had not seen a "live" football game since my last year in high school, so I was happy for the offer from friends of ours who had some tickets available.

Linda, our customer service person, provided us with great

directions to the correct parking lot, and she gave us football necklaces to show our loyalty to the Patriots.

We even had hot dogs and pasta for dinner at our fiends' tailgate dinner party.

The weather was very pleasant, the moon was rising and very full. The players were working hard. It was all fun except seeing our team lose by one point! However, it was an exhibition game, so it was good practice for them all.

At the end of the game as we were preparing to descend the stairs, one of the women in our group pointed to a large circle of the players kneeling in the middle of the field. She pointed out "You never see this on television. Yet they do this at every game. Players from both teams kneel and pray together at the end of every game here." I wish I had not packed my camera away. That would have been a great shot

I was pleased to learn about this good habit--seeing these expert, well paid players kneel before thousands of fans is a great tribute to God as well as to these men who are not afraid to express their gratitude to God.

(In the photo Randy Moss faces off a Rams player.)

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