Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blizzards and Memories

Last night I heard of the death of one of the persons to whom I owe much in the way of gospel living and gospel preaching: David Thorpe. David died suddenly on January 9. I offer condolences to his wife Barbara and to his children. David was a person who lived the gospel and who knew how to preach it well. I attended his classes on evangelization when the Boston Archdiocese included evangelization in its Master Teacher Program in the early 1990's. David was very active in the Charismatic Renewal program on a national and international level. Most recently he has been working with the Boston Archdiocese and its program to welcome back Catholics who have left the Church for one reason or another. I have a large ring binder notebook with all my notes and handouts from the classes I attended. Through the years I often referred to those notes and used some of the handouts in my own teachings on evangelization. David was born in Canada but spent most of his life in the USA. May he now be enjoying the presence of the Lord whom he loved and spoke of so well. I pray that Barbara be consoled and now feel her husband's help from heaven.
I ask prayers for the eternal peace of a young man named Scott who took his own life last week. Scott suffered from severe bouts of mental illness. May Jesus, our Sea of Peace, surround Scott now with eternal peace.
On a different note, anyone who lives in the US East Coastal area was back in Narnia Land today. the much predicted blizzard which spread blankets of snow on our roads, trees and buildings indeed reminded many of us of C.S. Lewis' Narnia. Here are a few pictures of the outdoors. It was not easy to take photos since snow was packed against most of the doors, and snow threatened to get my camera wet!
This picture looks black and white. The conditions were "whiteout."

Snow covered all of our convent property in Boston's Jamaica Plain hills. If you have seen the Narnia films, you can imagine yourself there!

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