Thursday, March 17, 2011

A New Member of Our Heavenly Family

Our St. Patrick's Day celebration was a bit subdued this year in our Boston commumnity. Sister Cecilia Paula Livingston was laid to rest after a funeral Mass in our chapel at 11:00 AM this morning. Sister's younger sister, who is also a Daughter of St. Paul, Sister Jane Raphael was present along with friends, cooperators and members of the Pauline laity. At her wake the previous day, we prayed the rosary for her soul. The room where the casket lay was decorated with photos and mementos of her life. Sister had been suffering from cancer off and on since 2008. After the rosary, we were surprised that Sister Cecilia "spoke to us" via a DVD her sister filmed shortly before her death on March 11.  Her basic message, delivered in a serene and upbeat manner was that in this life what matters is to love God, and to love and support one another. Many of the Sisters recounted th kindnesses Sister Cecilia had shown them, her care for others, her desire to do God's Will, and her quiet but very real sense of humor.
Sister had many assignments, including being one of our "pressroom Sisters" who operated our four color presses some years ago. She served as local superior in Bosotn and in St. Louis. In the last five years, she was home in California caring for her elderly parents. However as the cancer advanced and resisted any chemotherapy, Sister re-enterd the community in Charleston, SC. The superior in Charleston is her younger sister, Sister Jane. Friends of the community assisted  in many ways as Sister Cecilia prepared herself to meet the Divine Master face-to-face. We are grateful to the Sisters of teh Charleston Community and the good people of that lovely city who appreciated Sister Cecilia's prayers and offering of herself to God.
Thanks to Sister Marie, one of our blog readers, whose commented added to mine about the Philadelphia St. Patrick's Day Parade. A Sister was the Grand Marshal of that great Parade.
May your troubles be few and the graces be many! May St. Patrick pray for us all, and help us to prepare well for the Solemnity of the Feast of St. Joseph. Happy Feast Day to all the Joseph's and Josephines, and to all Canadians whose Patron Saint is St. Joseph.

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