Sunday, June 10, 2012

More on Today's Feast

As we celebrate Corpus Christi, the feast of Christ's Body and Blood, many things are happening that distract us. We see the news about Syria and the violence perpetrated there. Some are avid fans of basketball and its exciting finals. Or, the exploits of our favorite baseball team keep us focused on the TV.
 I heard today that one of my own sisters is very ill with a persistent fever. Another part of my family is rejoicing as a niece graduates from high school as the valdictorian of her class. Sorrows, concerns, and joys all converge on the altar where Christ through the priest once again offers his body and blood for us. For those who consider the Mass as "boring" I suggest re-readng the Vatican II document on the Sacred Liturgy which I quoted yesterday. Or you might go to the Irish Jesuits' website called Sacred Space for a lengthier presentation on the day's liturgy. Or, you may want to read Cantalamessa's book on "The Eucharist." You may order copies from us at or from our webstore at Have a blessed week!

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