Wednesday, February 13, 2013

History in the Making

Monday morning I was surprised to see Pope Benedict's face appear immediately as I opened the Internet. "Pope to Resign!" Wow! That news came as a shock to me and to millions of other Catholics as well as to many non-Catholics. Yet I knew of a precedent in a Pope Gregory. I couldn't remember off hand which Gregory resigned, but it is true. He--for the good of the Church--also resigned his office.
Pope Benedict is a wise man, as well as a learned scholar, theologian and great teacher. The current Pope's schedule is demanding for anyone, let alone a senior citizen of 85. May God grant Pope Benedict true peace and an ever deepening relationship with our Lord in his retirement.
On Tuesday the chaplain who offered Mass in our chapel used the Mass for a Pope. It was so appropriate. The Holy Spirit remains with the Church. No one whom I have met seems perturbed or bent out of shape at this announcement. There is a serenity about this news which affirms our trust that God is in charge and he will see to it that Benedict's successor will be the right man for the moment.
Here are two links to our Pauline Internet site where you may see for yourself the Pope's words about his decision:
In our Pauline religious family we pray this prayer for the Pope:
"Lord, cover with your protection
our Holy Father, the Pope.
Be his light, his strength,
his consolation. Amen."


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