Friday, March 08, 2013

Historic Times

Today a woman rushed into our Alexandria, Virginia Book&Media Center saying aloud to any who would hear: "Cardinal Wuerl is going to be elected Pope, and the Conclave begins on Tuesday!"
As to Cardinal Wuerl's being elected Pope, that remains to be seen. Being Archbishop/Cardinal of the capitol of the United States of America, Cardinal Wuerl would have an unenviable position.
The Holy Spirit knows who will be the best man to guide the boat of Peter as Bishop of Rome.


We Catholics are committed to praying for the election of the Pope, praying for the Cardinal electors and for an openness to the Holy Spirit for all of us. I subscribed to an email invitation to "Adopt a Cardinal." This program started in German and assigns each "adoptive prayer" a Cardinal to pray for. My adopted Cardinal  is Cardinal Hummes from Brazil.
The Holy Spirit is guiding the Church.
In the past week, my family buried our last Uncle from the World War II generation. In the early morning hours of the same day as our Uncle's funeral, my youngest sister's husband suffered a severe allergic reaction. Unable to breathe, Dennis died about 3:00 AM Friday.
Without warning we were faced with  sorrow once more. "The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord." Dennis had retired from his work for the Army Corps of Engineers seven years ago. One of his part-time jobs since then was the work of mercy--burying the dead--of our mostly rural Township.May Dennis and Uncle Bill rest in peace and may our grieving extended family be given much peace.
I was in Philadelphia for about nine days. Sister Maria Elizabeth and I had several events. Folks were very appreciative of our coming to their parish and the other events. It was good to see many of our dear Philadelphia friends.We keep praying that soon we will re-open in that vast Archdiocese.
As I near the end of this night's blog entry, I ask you all to pray with the whole church for the election of our new Pope; pray for our pope Emeritus; and for all those who are not free to practice their faith. Amen!

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