Monday, July 22, 2013

World Youth Day

Today Pope Francis flew to Rio de Janiero, Brazil. There thousands of young people from teens to young adults are celebrating their faith in Jesus Christ as expressed in the Roman Catholic Church. World Youth Days (which usually are 7 Day events) serve as a revival experience, a deeper awareness of what it means to believe in Christ.  One young man came into our Alexandria, Virginia center with his parents. He was to leave the next day for Peru. There he and the other 40 members of his group from the Richmond, Virginia Diocese would spend about a week in a poor neighborhood north of Lima. Their goal was to help build decent homes for the local poor. Then they would move on to Rio de Janiero. In Rio the Virginia delegates will pray, and learn from Pope Francis and from the many talks and events. Certainly  all of the groups from around the world will grow in faith, love and hope. Let's pray for them all.

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