Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Life Given Totally to God

Last Sunday, August 18, the Lord visited the Hebrew Rehabilitation Center in Boston to call home our Sister Susan Helen Wallace. Sister was 73 years old. Gifted with a clear mind and quick wit, Sister Helen was a
writer and editor for much of the 52 years she spent in the convent as a Daughter of St. Paul. If you Google her name you will find a long list of titles which she authored. Writing was Sister's way of evangelizing--making the Word of God easily accessible to thousands.
A short video prepared for her wake on August 21, reveals some of her upbeat attitude and dedication. when she speaks of "Maestra Paula" she was referring to Mother Paula Cordero who was the founding Sister of the Daughters of St. Paul in the USA. The word maestra is Italian for mistress, head teacher, instructor. Our Founder, Blessed James Alberione, called each of the Superiors maestra in honor of Jesus Master who is "the" Great Teacher and model for all of us.I hope I can connect you to the link so you too can get a glimpse of Sister Susan Helen's life. May she be enjoying the eternal peace of Jesus Master.   Click on Sister Helen's picture in that link.

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