Thursday, September 05, 2013

Autumn Events

This afternoon my sister Theresa and her daughter Rebbecca took me to a parade and town festival in Columbiana, Ohio. After living much of my life in larger cities such as Boston, New York, Philadelphia and the Capitol District, I enjoyed the small town atmosphere. A few high school bands provided a festive atmosphere. Many of the floats were flat bed construction platforms with hay bales for seating. Tents and   vendors booths offer calorie laden treats. Fire engines and emergency response vehicles from the neighboring  townships drove past the city circle amid cheers from the crowd. Local political candidates drove by waving and throwing candy. Various Christian churches provided  floats--some with choirs singing praise and worship tunes. I found it refreshing to see people satisfied with simple things. The crowd was multi-generational and very positive. People waved as their friends passed by. It seemed to be a "live" Norman Rockwell moment. It was the evening of a peaceful and lovely day. May you enjoy Christ's peace that "is beyond all understanding.
May you enjoy a restful night....
God bless you!
Sister Mary Peter

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