Sunday, November 03, 2013

Saints, Sinners, and Memories

November slipped in with the Feast of All Saints on Friday, and of All Souls on Saturday. Saints with the capitol "S" and many, many more with the small "s". When I lived in Hawaii a priest at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace would begin his daily homily like this: "My dear saints." That was always a good pick-me-up, a great way to feel affirmed as we began our day with a very early Mass. Two of our Sisters attended a beautiful wedding on All Souls Day. The groom told the guests at the reception that he and his wife were going to help one another to become saints. What a blessed way to begin their life together, declaring their resolve to become saints by helping one another throughout their lives. Everyone is made to be a saint. Life has built-in aids to sainthood. Another name for these aids is a cross. By taking up the daily duties we have: those we like, and those which annoy us, we travel a bit closer to the goal of sanctity.
Saints are not "born" with halos. God's continuous gift of his grace and effort to accept and bear our crosses help to become daily, saints in the trenches. Or, should I say saints-in-the-pews!
I hope to write more about this month packed with feast days both religious and civil.
Have a blessed week, and be happy saints!

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