Sunday, April 06, 2014

Come Out of the Tomb

Today's Gospel tells of Jesus' raising his friend Lazarus from the tomb. Blessed James Alberione wrote a prayer that compares sin and the alienation it causes to a tomb. Here he writes: "O Jesus Good Shepherd, turn your gaze on the many 'lost sheep.' Their souls are in a spiritual tomb. They need to be 'born again,' given a new life of grace. There are many sinners, many spiritual cemeteries around us. May Jesus' voice resound in their ears:
'Lazarus, Come out of your tomb of sin!' May these souls rise to a new life of grace in Christ. Thereby they will give consolation to the church and to all their brothers and sisters in Christ." (Adapted from Brevi Meditazioni, Giacomo Alberione)
Another way of looking and praying with this Gospel is to see how Jesus experienced grief and even anger at death. Sin brought death into our human experience. Father Scott Hurd, a priest of the Archdiocese of Washington, and author of books from Pauline Books & Media applies the teaching of this powerful Gospel to those who grieve at the loss of loved ones.

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