Friday, May 08, 2015

Month of Mary Mother of Mercy

May in Boston is one of the most beautiful month of the year. Almost overnight trees that were gray and barren sport lovely new leaves in all shades of green. Tulips, daffodils and Tulip Trees are blooming. I think I can finally clean my boots and box them away until winter comes again. After one of the longest, snowiest winters on record it is so refreshing to look out the window and seen green, yellow and all sorts of colors.
After our Mass on Sunday we will have a May crowning, when the statue of Mary in our chapel will be browned with flowers. Jesus chose Mary as his way to approach us. We are following the Master's example when we turn to her to get closer to Jesus. Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene in a garden at the Resurrection. It seems to me that God has an eclectic, wide-ranging taste in color every Springtime.
During this month many of us resolve to pray the rosary at least once a day to ask Mary's intercession for us. The founder of our order, Blessed James Alberione never made an address, or gave a talk without first turning to Mary's rosary. The one time I met with him he signed a little holy card with the advice: "Many and good rosaries." When we pray the Salve Regina or Hail, Holy Queen, the first sentence calls to her as "Mother of Mercy." She mothered the Son of God, Jesus, who is Lord and Divine Mercy itself. At the wedding feast of Cana we see Mary telling her Son the newly weds were in trouble: "They have no wine." Jesus tried to put her off by saying, "What concern is that to you and to me?" To our ears his response sounds like a put down. That did not bother the Blessed Mother. She knew her Son's heart. He could not say "no" to his mom, nor could he let a newly wed couple's happiness be diminished by embarrassment. Jesus answered his mother with his actions. He called the waiters and Mary advised them, "Do whatever he tells you." We know the result of that advice. Huge jars of water were turned into wine, and the feast went on without a hitch. This is all reported in the second Chapter of the Gospel of John. If you ever feel that you have spiritually "run out of wine;" or, you feel short on love or tenderness toward your friends and family, turn to Mary. Ask her to tell Jesus how you need help. You need a transformation, a sort of transfusion of the good wine of God's grace flowing through your actions, instead of the murky waters of a half-hearted attempt at holiness. Just "do whatever he, Jesus, tells you."
If you want help praying the rosary or staying focused on your rosary meditations, Pope Francis can help you. check out the little book, "Praying the Rosary with Pope Francis" from Pauline Books and Media. Another way to meditate the rosary is to pray a Scriptural Rosary. Sister Marianne Lorraine Trouve' a Daughter of St. Paul prepared a lovely book with a Scripture thought for each Hail Mary of the rosary. Both of these books are inexpensive and can be obtained from Pauline Books and Media on-line or at a Pauline Books and Media Center. Ask at your local Catholic book store. If they do not stock these titles, tell them to call us at 1-800-876-4463.

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