Sunday, October 04, 2009

Back Again

Has it already been four months since I blogged? I guess so! I'm glad to be back. My Facebook friends have been sending me messages. Since not all the world's on Facebook yet, I decided to renew my blog entry more often. the summer went very quickly. In my own family two of my blood sisters had cancer operations this summer. Of course, all my family my 11 siblings were effected by this sad and upsetting news. it certainly caused us all to pray more, and reflect on how precious a gift is our life--every single moment of it.
One sister has been receiving chemotherapy treatments weekly; the other has begun radiation. she continues her job as a grade school teacher. My middle brother was diagnosed with congestive heart failure last month. So health issues have been prominent. Yet there is always something to rejoice in, and every moment is a grace.
I trust in your prayers for my sisters'
and my brother's health.

In mid-summer I was crossing a toll bridge on a day when traffic was sparse. There was some good humored banter between the toll keeper and myself. His remarks were sobering and deeply spiritual. He noticed my habit and commented how he admires people like us religious who are "so focused." then he recounted how he had been in a horrific car accident the week of his graduation from a top military academy. Apparently, he never made it to graduation. Yet he said, he is grateful to God for every day that he awakens. What a cheerful and grateful person. I can still see his peaceful smile. From my position in a small car, I could not see if he was able to walk or not. My guess is that he is disabled. Sometimes God uses moments like these to "talk to me" through people like the toll keeper. He was a sort of angel who reminded me of what people of faith do when hit with adversity. I hope that his story will help any of you readers who may feel a bit down hearted or blue. God does love you and me with a fierce love. So go on on day at a time and trust in God. he will see you through!

In early September it was a privilege to join about 45 members of the Boston Chinese Catholic community in a pilgrimage to 4 churches dedicated to St. Paul in the Toronto area. It was great to see their fervor and renew my friendships with so many of them whom I know.
For those of you in the Northern hemisphere, enjoy the change of color. It reminds me too that if we get better as we grow older, our more beautiful colors come out. (I am still working on the growing older part!)

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