Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Countdown

My best regards to all my readers for a lovely preparation for Jesus' birthday on Friday. I know some readers are getting lots of snow as I write this. Where I am in Ontario, snow is not expected until Christmas Day. However at this time of winter, winds and clouds can change rapidly.
On Friday I received a little reminder from the Lord that my life is in his hands. During morning Mass I felt my heart begin to race. When it did not slow down after an hour, I went to our nurse who drove me to the local hospital's emergency center. It was a busy day in the E.R. Since mine was a cardiac problem, I was wheeled by a formidable lineup of gurneys with accident victims and people who looked much worse than I did. I just closed my and began to breathe more deeply to calm myself as much as I could. When the nurse put an oxygen tube on my face, and an intravenous in my left arm some o f the seriousness of this event began to penetrate. The doctor told me my heart had an "electrical" problem. If an injection did not work, it would have to be shocked back into rhythm. The injection did not work, so I was given an anesthetic and the paddles were placed on me. I reflected that I had seen the procedure on many a TV show, but this was to be the real thing. After all, I have only one heart, so it needed some attention! I was home by 2:45 in the afternoon. I have gone "cold turkey" from a daily caffeine jolt in the morning to no caffeine. My medications have been changed and added to. How life can change within minutes.
I am grateful that our nursing staff is so concerned, and all those with whom I live are also very considerate and caring.
Jesus came to share this same human condition--to raise it up and sanctify it. The little prayer our founder was so wont to pray came back to me: "By myself I can do nothing. but, with God I can do all things. To God the honor and glory. To me, the eternal reward." I realize now more than ever that each day is a gift, and that's why it is called "the present."
May each of you have a blessed and truly Merry Christmas!

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