Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

My Christmas celebration began at 8:30 pm with Mass and Christmas carols.
this Christmas is a special one for me, since I am in a Catholic Christian community made up of religious priests, sisters and brothers. It is a unique experience that I find at once enriching and very human. Before Mass many of us watched the movie "The Nativity story." Even though I have seen this film several times since it was released in 2006, I am still moved by the portrayals of Joseph and Mary, and the three Wise Men.
If you have a chance to own the DVD or rent it, I recommend it as wholesome family entertainment as well as a source of meditation.
My best regards to all for a truly blessed Christmas day and Christmas season. As the priest said in tonight's homily, "God wanted to be with us, to speak with us by sending his son Jesus....the way He chose to come was in simplicity, poverty and love."
I know I have much to learn each time I contemplate this great mystery. Little babies invite us to gather them into our arms just by their littleness. Jesus wants us to do the same with him: to take him close to our hearts and love him and let ourselves be loved by him.
Enjoy these days of Christmas. Each day is a gift from God. I intend to live each day well in appreciation for this gift of life.
Merry Christmas!

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