Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Great 40 Days

Lent began yesterday with the imposition of he ashes on our foreheads. At the time of the homily, our priest surprised us all by stepping into the sacristy for a moment and coming out with a 6-iron golf club. Father demonstrated how to make a perfect shot, thankfully without a ball, by holding the club and taking dead aim. Dead aim and a relaxed, calm attitude are the ingredients-- he assured us--for a great golf game. And, he added for a great Lenten journey. The aim is to arrive at Easter, with the Risen Christ, and abandon ourselves into his care as we follow him more closely in these 40 days.
Blessed James Alberione was known for his positive approach to Lenten penances. He preferred that his followers would concentrate on one gifted aspect of their personality. He asked that we cultivate our gifts, be they intelligence, various skills, and interests so we would be the best we can be. Of course, the motivation for being the best is not a gold medal, applause or prestige, but the opportunity to be the best for God. I remember seeing a US Army recruiting center with the slogan: Army--Be the best you can be!
For Lent I know there are areas of my life which can be better from prayer life, to aqua fitness. I ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten me and you so that we can work on bettering at least one aspect of our lives so that on April 4, we may "be" at least a notch better than we are today.

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