Thursday, March 04, 2010

Real Issues

I made a short trip to the Post Office this afternoon. It was a pleasure to drive in the sunshine on a dry roadway. A robin perched outside our dining room on Sunday, and a pair of mourning doves lighted on their favorite tree at the front door. Despite the snow covered grounds, the birds know it is Spring. Lent truly is a Spring time for the spirit. If you have planted any seeds and then transplanted them to larger containers or put them into the ground, you may have marveled at what you saw. The tiny seeds swollen with new life had cracked open to reveal minuscule blades of green and yellow plants. There are things in you and me that may need to be cracked open, defenses abandoned, old ways discarded. Giving up habits of saying or doing things can be painful or tiresome--probably both.
Yet, Christ is waiting to give life to our efforts and help us carry the crosses we meet every day. My prayers accompany you and me as we undergo our own transformation from a winter time of the spirit to a spring time of our souls.

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Sr Margaret Kerry fsp said...

nice reflection