Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Christ is risen!

Since I arrived in Boston for Holy Week ceremonies, I was busy praying, unpacking and setting up in my new surroundings. Today I discovered that the Vatican News Service began its own blog last Friday. Here is the link for it: www.visnews.org.
The v i s letters stand for the Vatican Information Service. You may want to visit that blog site.
Easter celebrations in our chapel were very inspiring and enjoyable. It was a delight to hear our Sisters playing three keyboards, chimes, and kettle drums to accompany our liturgy. Many of our Sisters who sing on our recordings were also present, so their voices added to the beauty of the Masses and prayers.
This past Sunday, which was Mercy Sunday, I attended Mass with three of our Sisters at the chapel (once St. Stephen's Church) on the campus of Northeastern University. It was a joy to see almost 100 students joined by their chaplains, members of the Brotherhood of Hope, celebrate a lively liturgy. There too talented musicians added to the celebration with their playing and singing.
May you be blessed with joy and peace in this Easter season as we celebrate the reason for our believing and for our hope. God bless you!

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wanderer said...

Excellent blog. Keep it up.
It is beautiful and empathetic.