Saturday, July 24, 2010

50 Years in the Convent

On Sunday, July 18, with most of my family present, a Mass of thanksgiving was offered for the grace of my 50 years in the convent. The Mass was celebrated at the Society of St. Paul's St. Paul Monastery in Canfield, Ohio. The main celebrant of the Mass was Father Jeffrey Mickler, SSP. Father Jeffrey also entered religious life 50 years ago in September. He entered the high school program which was then offered for aspiring members of the Society of St. Paul. Father and I both entered from the same parish. Music for the Mass was provided by two members of the Pauline secular institute of Our Lady of the Annunciation: single consecrated women who live in the world "but not of it." One of them brought her two nieces who added an extra guitar and vocalist to the music.

I was honored to have three additional priests concelebrate: Fr. Anthony Warren, SSP, and Father Joseph Blasko from Michigan, and Fr. Robert Stolinski of Buffalo, NY.
Most of my siblings were present as well as many nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.

Some of my former classmates also joined the celebration.

A week before, my graduation class of 1960 from Youngstown Ohio's Ursuline High School held a three-event reunion. With their spouses, our group numbered about 230. Fifty-two have already gone to their eternal reward, a very sobering fact. I was pleased to be able to re-connect with some of my grade school classmates.

At my Mass on Sunday, July 18, I was privileged to have my first grade teacher present. She is still active in ministry. Sister Jeanne, OSU certainly got me off to a good start!

Rather than reading about the Mass, you are welcome to view the entire Mass on, or on, h Thanks to all who sent me good wishes for this occasion. I am not retired, since my health is good enough to keep on contributing to our mission of media evangelization. Pray that my energy keeps up so I too can give God the best of each day which he gives to me.

I am very grateful to God for having given me the grace to be among the Daughters of St. Paul for all these years. Our founding Sister in the USA, Mother Paula Cordero, used to say, "If I had a 100 lives, I would give them all to God as a Daughter of St. Paul." I can truly say the same as Mother Paula did.


Margie said...

Congratulations to Sr. Mary Peter, FSP, on the special occasion of your 50th Anniversary! I remember the movie night during the Pauline Cooperators Retreat at Mother Thecla's Retreat House in Boston. You gave us such a great presentation. I also treasure your book "Tender Mercies." May God pour out His abundant blessings upon you as you continue your wonderful and fruitful life as Daughter of St. Paul.
Wishing you all the best...

breadgirl said...

Hello sposadelre
Congratulations on the wonderful occasion of your Golden Jubilee. I am a little late with my wishes but I have just discovered your blog. Thank you for sharing this lovely, happy day and may God bless you.