Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Young Sisters

On July 5, a young Daughter of St. Paul pronounced her vows as a Sister "for life" in Samoa. Sister Fey Josephine Pele was in the second grade when I and Sister Cynthia visited her classroom as part of a Catholic book fair. When she entered our Boston community, Fay told me she remembered me coming to her classroom. Sister Fey's final profession ceremony was held in the area where she grew up so more of her family and friends could attend. Because Samoan culture is distinct and colorful, the ceremony was replete with local flavor. Instead of church bells ringing, drums announced the Mass time. I was not able to attend, however with the eye witness account of one of the Sisters who attended, and with pictures on the Internet I felt that I was there--at least virtually.
The photo on your right is that of Sr. Fey and I after her first profession of vows, five years ago. The photo on the right is of Sr. Christina Miiam and myself on the same day.
Sister Christina Wengendt who is from my hometown will be traveling to Youngstown, Ohio to pronounce her final vows in her home parish. Since Youngstown is reached by car in about 10 hours, a good number of our Boston community will attend her profession. Sister Christina wrote an article about the upcoming event which is published in the Youngstown Diocese's weekly paper, The Catholic Exponent. Here is a link to her article:
Congratulations to these two young Sisters who have already spent at least ten years in formation and activity as Daughters of St. Paul.
Our USA/English Speaking Canada Province is blessed to have three young women joining our postulancy program in St. Louis. There are already two postulants in formation. For those unfamiliar with thse terms, postulant comes from the Latin term "postulare" which means to petion or to ask (to be admitted to the congregation.) On the Daughters of St. Paul website, you can find more information about my order. We are also called Paulines in the English-speaking world. In Italian we are "Le Paoline" while in Spanish we are "Las Paulinas." But, whatever you call us, we appreciate all the prayers sent our way, as well as the chance to serve the Lord and his people with the media of communications. God bless you! Sister Mary Peter

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