Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Frozen February and Valentines

Today's sunshine gives the great illusion that it is warm and pleasant outside. It is cold and icy afoot in the outdoors. Sunday's Super Bowl celebration was a good excuse to enjoy a bowl of warm chili and to watch a football game as a cheerleader for the team that lost! That was OK. The Packers fans were kind enough.
This has been a frosty and snowy February here in the Northeast. Recent carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand has slowed me down. Today is the first time I am using my right hand more extensively. I have gained a new appreciation for the use of two hands!
 St. Valentine's Day is next week. It is a day which celebrates love. Hearts, chocolates, bouquets and greetings abound--at least in our North American culture. St. John wrote that we should "love one another as Christ loved us." That's a tall order. Christ resides somehow in each human person. It's easy to choose the ones I feel more comfortable with to like. Others may be of a type that I might naturally "unfriend" as the Facebook term says. Yet, even the people in the unfriend category host the Christ within them--some unawares. For me finding and saluting  the Christ within each one I meet is a Valentine resolution.
I extend my prayers and best wishes to those Valentine couples who are about to marry soon: Virginia and Thornwell in Charleston; Theresa and Tim in Buzzard's Bay; and Ben and Abby who married in January in Kansas City!
Have a great St. Valentine's Day!
The Boston Globe this week featured a number of couples married at least 50 years and asked them the key to their successful marriages. The common thread was mutual love and respect for each other. "Be nice" to each other was their favorite advice. Only true love allows us to sincerely "make nice" through thick and thin. May Christ who is love personified grant us all a blessed St. Valentine's Day!

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