Thursday, February 24, 2011

Short Month Packed Full

In four days the second month of the year will be history. We saw a  regime topple along the Nile. Now another one is shaken by those oppressed for over 40 years. May true justice and lasting peace prevail in all nations.
An earthquake in New Zealand caused billions of dollars of damage and many lost lives. This short month has made many headlines and left its mark on history.
On the Church's liturgical calendar there are some of the "forefathers" whose courage in the face of persecution made the heros' list. Among thme of course is St. Peter, the Apostle, whose role as leader of the Church was celebrated on February 22nd as the Feast of the Chair (or Primacy) of St. Peter. In every cathedral there is the bishop's "chair" or cathedra which symbolizes the bishop as the head teacher of the faith in his diocese as a spiritual descendant of the Apostles. When the Pope speaks "ex cathedra" he is speaking authortatively as the one who today takes the place of Peter.
Our Sisters in Boston have been busy preparing many new titles books, music and apps for those who have iphones, ipads and other handheld devices.
Here is a link to some of their latest creativity: This lets

 you know what is available for your Lenten journey.

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