Sunday, October 16, 2011


In my last blog I mentioned the "move night" in Newark, Delaware. About a dozen people attended our Faith and Film evening at Holy Family Church. The group held a very animated discussion after watching the film "Ladder 49" starring Joachim Phoenix and John Tavolta. None of the audience had seen the movie before. Many expressed amazement that such a wholesome film was produced by a Hollywood company. Filmed in Baltimore (about 50 miles from where we viewed the film), Ladder 49 portrays firemen on the job fighting real fires, as Dad's involved in their kids' school and sports, as husbands confronting wives anxiety and as faithful believers. Before we watched the movie, we began with a short prayer and a reading from St. John on the Good Shepherd. The word "sacrifice" came up often in the discussion. Characters in the film made small sacrifices daily. Some made the ultimate sacrifice. If you are interested in a Faith and Film night at your parish, please email me at You may also want to check out  Sister Rose Pacatte's blog and movie reviews
Today I was at a parish health fair. What has a media evangelizaer to do with a health fair? As I see it, a wholistic view of the person includes his or her spiritual and mental health. Pauline Books & Media offers a wealth of titles on the spiritual life, and several titles on healing and coping which attend also to the mental health of their readers.

Dome of Sts. Peter & Paul Cathedral

Celtic Coss Sts. Peter & Paul Cathedral
 This evening it was a pleasure to arrive at our parish church, Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and to see many people--from grandparents down to grade schoolers--adoring the Lord Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. The Forty Hours Devotion is being led by with a special preacher. It includes prolonged time for Eucharistic adoration and a closing celebration for the entire parish. St. John Neumann initiated the 40 Hours devotion in Philadelphia when the Catholic church was targeted by a group called "The Know Nothings." Their bigotry led to church burnings and other forms of persecution. Philadelphia's Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral Basilica has no street level windows because of fear that any windows in range of rock throwing rowdies would be shattered. When police would investigate criminal allegations against the group their answer was always: "I know nothing!" In our day the need for The 40 Hours" is more to fan the flame of our love and appreciation of God's presence in the Holy Eucharist than to ward off the Know Nothings. As one of the parish priests remarked tonight, the presence of the Lord is even more felt as the parish gathers as a family around the Center of it all.  May you  too enjoy the benefits of participating in Forty Hours in  your parish.


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