Friday, October 28, 2011

Turning Leaves

Yesterday as we were on our way to Mass, a carpet of multi-colored leaves decorated the pavement. I almost hesitated to walk on it.
Glancing out my window I see our fig tree refusing to turn colors, our peach tree slowly surrendering its leaves, and our neighbor's gloriously scarlet maple leaves shimmering bright. For those who live in a warm climate, it is worth putting up with the cold to see at least once the variety of color that only comes with the changing of seasons.
Change is everywhere in nature this autumn. Soon the weather man says it will all be covered with a blanket of wet, heavy snow. Thankfully, the weather person is reassuring: the snow won't stick, at least not here.
All this change going on outside of us can question us: Am I changing for the better? As the leaves fall, am I letting go of things I don't really need. I notice a proliferation of storage units for rent. I wonder if the bins awaiting donations for the St. Vincent de Paul Society or other worthy charities are as frequented as the storage units which charge rental fees. The hymn "Abide with Me" says "Change in all around I see...Dear Lord, abide with me." Some have experienced loss of jobs, loss of homes, and other significant people in their lives. May we see God active in the changes. He is consant and unchanging "our rock of refuge."

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