Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22 A Sad Anniversary

I like to be upbeat in my blogs. However today the Catholic Church in America prayed for the legal protection of the unborn. Since 1973 in the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision our Supreme Court struck down laws protecting children in the womb. Abortion was made to be a legal procedure when until that day of infamy all laws against it were struck down. Millions of babies were killed "in utero" , would-be parents were denied off spring, couples hoping to adopt increased in numbers as babies were denied a chance to become loved and adopted. Women suffered physically, emotionally and spiritually and many caring the wounds of remorse deep in their souls.
God have mercy on our country, and on Canada our northern neighbor which legalized abortion.
Yet there is still hope. Many groups have organized to change the mentality of a contraceptive and abortive mentality to one of a pro-life, open to life mentality. Some work on a political level such as Americans United for Life and the Susan B. Anthony list. They work very hard, and rely on donations. Other groups, like 40 Days for Life, depend on prayer as well as on clinics set up to heal and support women who chose to bring their babies to birth.
There was much said yesterday about the Declaration of Independence which says each person has a right "to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Abortion snuffs out new lives. tonight I saw the latest picture of my newest grand niece who is now two month's old. She is a button-nose red head, with a sweet smile and peaceful look. Just looking at her picture makes me smile. Little Harleigh is the pride and joy of my sister and my brother in-law, brand new grandparents. Had Sharon and Matt decided for an abortion what sadness there would have been! Instead there is so much joy.
My 92 year old Uncle Bill came home from the hospital tonight. One of his great joys is to see his great grandson Peyton. The two have a great rapport. We love life at either end of the spectrum of life and at every stage in between.
Life is a gift, may we always treasure every single person, every baby in the womb, and every child. And, let us admire, assist and treasure those among us who belong to the generation which saw so much: the great Depression, the World War II and Korea, the dawn of TV, records and home movies. They passed on to us many great examples.
Many of our Sisters and some of my blood sisters will march for Life in Washington on Friday, January 25, Support them with prayer and with your votes whene the time comes.
Have a blessed rest of the week.

Another Niece with Lots of Energy!

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