Friday, January 25, 2013

January 25, 2013

Here in the Washington area it is snowing once again and the temperatures are way below freezing. Yet thousands of people marched on the Mall in Washington to show their support for life. Thousands of these marches are young adults, some college and high school students, and senior citizens as well. I saw one news clip which allowed the reported to give a non biased summary of the huge crowd and its bottom-line message to end abortion and support life from womb to tomb. However the woman commentator who allowed little time for the reporter to continue tried to quash his positive remarks with her assurance that many people who say they are against abortion aren't really 100% against it. Belief is not something everybody has. Apparently this young woman (or her editors more likely) are so afraid that maybe, just maybe, those hundreds of thousands of people of all colors and creeds braving very cold temperatures are really convinced that abortion is murder--he ending of a human life. Some people find this reality hard to believe.
Life is beautiful and a gift. I doubt if a person who is "half for life and half for abortion" would be out there today in freezing cold weather with banners, smiles and prayers marching "for life."
As St. Paul said after his conversion to Jesus, we need to preach "in season and out of season", in the cold or the heat, whether politically correct or incorrect. Pro-lifers preach the Gospel of Life. In the book of Deuteronomy the people are asked to "choose life." May God grant our nation the grace to once more choose life and honor its sacredness from conception to natural death. Amen.
Two Daughters of St. Paul on the far left side with a group of the 7 bus loads of youth from New Orleans gathered for the Pro-Life March 1/25/2013.

Sister Margaret |Michael and Sr. Maria Elizabeth at a gathering of 6,000 at George Mason Univ. Arlington, VA Diocese.

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