Friday, May 03, 2013

Month of Mary, Mothers, Communion and Confirmations

This year's tree allergies have kept me from my blog. Now that the trees here are mostly all in leaf, I can breath much better. A month ago I was in Ohio for a few days to see my sister Coletta who picked up Legionaires' Disease while in Florida. While I was home she was always on a ventilator, hooked up to all kinds of tubes and monitors. Now she remains in the hospital but improving a little each day. 
Thank you to all those who have been praying for Coletta. I am sure that the many prayers and God's kindness toward our family has helped her progress so far.
Our weekends have been very busy. Last Saturday and Sunday we held a book display at Holy Trinity in Gainesville, Virginia. It is a vibrant parish. It is definitely growing just by seeing the numbers of infants and small children. I remain impressed by the fervor of the parishioners and priests at all the Masses. Religious doomsday sayers would cheer up if they peered into the church and saw the parking lot full for the 7:00 AM Mass and for all the Masses after that! 
I want to share more on my blog about Holy Trinity parish at a later date.

As I write I see that the world turns with or without me!  A Jubilee gift from my Provincial team in the form of a globe with a solar powered battery sits in the afternoon sun on my desk..
 As soon as the sun is bright enough. the world spins round and round. When I want to locate a country I take the world into my hands to pinpoint a location. Otherwise my eyes can't keep up with the spinning globe! The globe reminds me to pray for those around the world in need of spiritual and material help: those suffering from war-like conditions; illness; extreme poverty and so many other problems.

Today my thoughts turn to Philadelphia and then to Harrisburg. Yesterday Bishop Joseph McFadden, leader of the Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg, died of a massive heart attack while back in his home diocese of Philadelphia. Bishop of Harrisburg since 2010, Bishop McFadden was a dynamic person fully dedicated to the Church, and intensely interested in his people. My condolences to his family, his siblings and nieces and nephews; his fellow bishops, and the clergy and people of Harrisburg. I have many good memories of Harrisburg. One of those memories is of meeting the smiling and energetic Bishop McFadden. May his soul rest in the peace of Christ the Good Shepherd. 

The month of May brings many beautiful memories to mind. One is of my mother whose blue crystal rosary beads were often in her hands. Even when I was too little to read, I was impressed by a little blue prayer book she used to help her meditate the rosary mysteries. The round brown pictures of the lives of Mary and Jesus fascinated me. Today when I prayed the rosary during the last part of my Eucharistic adoration, I used a copy of the same book my mom had. Thanks to my mom for all the prayers she must have prayed to bring up 13 of us brothers and sisters! Our Grandmother Malone had a blue crystal rosary too. I helped to care for our grandmother before she passed away. She always held and prayed with those beads. 
Grandma Malone was a cheerful person, a great baker, and often our baby sitter. There were times when one or two of us would stay at Grandma's house. The only "price" to pay was dusting. She would give us a dust cloth and ask us to polish the lower legs of the furniture. In those days that was not a problem. My brother John and I were short enough at the time. Funny how it was so easy to dust the furniture at Grandma's but oh, so difficult at home to put a nice shine on the furniture!
As we approach Mother's Day, beautiful memories flash through my mind of my Mother and Grandmother. Now I see one of my younger nieces in the role of mother.I see a lot of love being poured out over and onto her little daughter. I pray that my niece will one day also find the serenity and strength in life that my mom and grandmother modeled for me.

By the way, it is a healthy Catholic tradition to pray the rosary daily during this month of May. I recommend it to you who read this. If you need some help praying the rosary, you might even like to use a CD with the Rosary recited by the Daughters of St. Paul (2 CD's with all 20 mysteries prayed and meditated by the Sisters.) When people ask me if my voice is on any of our CD's I can answer "yes" to that one: my voice is part of a group of Sisters who recite the rosary! As for the music CD's I am an avid listener! 

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