Thursday, May 23, 2013

Regarding Comments

Good day to all my readers!
Yesterday I enjoyed some spiritual consolation with the Mass in celebration for my 50th Jubilee of religious vows, and Sister Maria Elizabeth's 25th Jubilee of vows as a Daughter of St. Paul.
Bishop Paul Loverde, who is celebrating 25 years of being a bishop, was the principal celebrant of the Mass. He reminded us of the call to follow Jesus every day and to "go out of ourselves" as Pope Francis said. Quoting Pope Francis the bishop recalled too that we as religious sisters are called to be spiritual mothers to the people to whom we minister. After the Mass we were treated to a nice dinner in the Marymount cafeteria. The group in attendance was made up of religious Sisters from several orders. It was a joy to renew my vows and to be in the company of so many good and dedicated Sisters and priests.

Before I write more on various topic, I want to clarify a few points: 

 Some readers want me to publish their blog entries in place of, or on the same page as mine. I am responsible for what I write. I am not free to allow anyone else to blog under my name. As a consecrated woman religious, the content of what I write needs to be in conformity to Gospel values, as well as in readable English. If you have something to publish as a blog, you are free to establish your own blog. 

If you want me to publish your comment, your link has to be squeaky clean. Someone sent what looks like a very positive comment on my blog. yet his or her blog is a front for porn.

Lately some of the comments are solely advertisements for handbags, or some other products. I will immediately reject such intrusions.

Some comments are phrased in a way which I find hard to understand. Please comment in standard American English (if possible). Or you can comment in Italian or Spanish.

Thanks for reading this blog, and -- for you who want to comment -- please keep in mind that I am a religious Sister, so please keep it clean, clear and to the point.


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