Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January's High LIght

As I write this thousands are descending on the US Capitol to prepare for tomorrow's March for Life. I don't want to be a "sourpuss" as Pope Francis writes in his latest document, "The Joy of the Gospel" and say, that "As usual, the major media outlets will underplay the numbers of people who march for life." In reality it is close to a
million people, many high school and college students who will sacrifice their time, and pleasure to walk in Washington to demonstrate their love for life in all its stages. This March is not a "Catholic" event alone. During this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity it is a witness to all those men and women who are united in their belief that life is a gift. It is precious and is to be protected by law from the moment of conception until the last breath of the elderly. I will be there in spirit, since our Center remains open and I am helping to staff it. This does not include areas that schedule their own marches, or who go to their own state houses to lobby for life. If you see a 5 second glimpse of crowds of people on the Washington Mall January 22, you will know to multiply that crowd by at least 500 thousand times. Today three of our community of five will participate in a Northern Virginia Arlington Diocese Rally for Life which prepares young people from all over the country to march with purpose tomorrow. On Wednesday morning they will be at the Patriot Center again to join in praise and worship with the young people before the March for Life.
Let us pray for all those attending the March for life: for all the bishops, priests, sisters and religious brohters, and the thousands who brave the bitter cold to stand in solidarity for the gift of life!

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