Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Happy Mothers' Day to all the women who read this post: mothers of families, spiritual mothers, God Mothers and those women who spend their lives giving new life to others as consecrated women in religious life or in secular institutes.In our chapel this morning we welcomed a good number of young families to our 9:30 Mass. Father Michael Harrington preached a homily geared to the children who sat on the floor in front of the altar. He touched the adults who listened by explaining how we can gift our mothers who are still with us. He had the kids list what would be a good thing to give Mom on her day: a nice card, and he held up some nice cards from the local CVS store; a box of candy; chores well done; a hug. Father then explained the significance of the statue of the Queen of Apostles which is now next to the Paschal Candle in our sanctuary. Since it is still the Easter season, a replica of an Empty Tomb is on the other side of the sanctuary for now. Father Mike pointed out that Mary is holding Baby Jesus tightly. Yet, she is holding him out to us, offering him to us, so we may take him into our arms too. That is her purpose: to give Jesus to each and every one of us. Before Mass was over we held a May crowing. Young people crowned Jesus and Mary with floral crowns. Each woman in the church, including us Sisters was given a flower as we entered. At the May Crowning we each brought a rose or a carnation and placed it in a vase in front of Mary. Two of the Sisters played Schubert's Ave Maria with flute and piano as a post-Communion meditation. It was a nice way to precede the Marian event.
Tomorrow I will begin an 8 day silent retreat at our St. Thecla Retreat House in Billerica, Mass. some of the sister Disciples of the Divine Master, and a few members of the Society of St. Paul, priests and brothers will join us Daughters of St. Paul. Our preacher will be Father Mike Goonan, an Australian Society of St. Paul priest now sationed in Staten Island, NY. This year marks 100 years of life for the Society of St. Paul and thus the birth of all the groups of the Pauline Family. Pray that I take advantage of this yearly gift of intense prayer as well as rest to reflect on the good that Jesus gives me every day.
St. Thecla Retreat House

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