Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Back in Ohio

I just realized that I blogged only once in September! The reason: I was "on the road" and without Internet access for about two weeks. One of the highlights of September was attending the Holy Family Institute's Triduum (or three day) annual retreat and gathering. We Daughters of St. Paul usually attend this get-together and help by leading prayers and giving talks, as well as holding a book and media display. This year I was in charge of the book display. Generous HFI members (short for Holy Family Institute) drove the books from Boston to Ohio. They even carried the boxes of books into the Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon for us. This year a special feature of the meeting was the day of filming for the movie "Alberione"--a film depicting the life of our founder, Blessed James Alberione. Filming began about 8:00 AM at the studio of the Society of St. Paul in Canfield, Ohio. Pauline priests and sister Disciples of the Divine Master were interviewed n the studio. Then the film crew moved its van about 4 miles away to the Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon in North Jackson, Ohio. One after another HFI members spoke into the camera as they answered queries from Sister Helena Burns about their impression of Alberione. It was well after dark when the Chicago-based crew packed up with hours of film to edit and insert into this movie-in-the-making. Look for more about the Alberione film. The pictures on this blog are various shots of activities at the HFI gathering. I was privileged to be a sponsor for Cathy from Toronto who made her first vows in the Institute along with several others.

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