Monday, October 25, 2010

My Week

On Thursday, Sister Neville Christine and I traveled south in the Philadelphia Archdiocese to attend the Delaware County Catechist's' Night Out. About 100 men and women who dedicate their time to teaching religion to young people were honored at the dinner and get together. Many of the people present went home with Pauline titles.
Some of the women who attended the Grief and Loss Seminar

This weekend was spent bringing our publications to different groups of people. On Saturday morning, our novice, Sister Emily and I went to Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania to be present at a workshop on Grief and Loss for those who offer the ministry of help to those who suffer grief at the loss of a loved one, or at the loss of a job or  some other important aspect of their lives. These dedicated folks, most of whom seemed to be women, accompany the families of deceased persons. they even visit the grieving persons in their homes, or welcome them to the parish rectory where they are comforted and helped even with planning the funeral liturgy.

Sister Emily helping at the Grief and Loss display tables

We were able to offer them several titles. Some chose "Tender Mercies" since it has prayers for those who are grieving.

Interest in the books was very high at St. Cyprian's.

Sister Neville at St. Cyprian's
While Sr. Emily and Sr. Patricia Mary went to St. Cecilia parish in Philadelphia's Northeast, Sr. Neville and I were in West Philadelphia at St. Cyprian's Parish. The parish, even though it's church was built in 1924, was founded in the Holy Year, 2000 A.D. It is a thriving Catholic African American community. People welcomed us heartily and availed themselves of our visit to add to their family libraries or to acquire gifts for friends and family.
The third Mass held there on Sunday was in Ibo, the language of Nigeria. Many of the people wore colorful Nigerian clothing. Drums and lively music were a natural part of their liturgy.
This week will find us Philadelphia Daughters of St. Paul at a Catholic school in Moorestown, New Jersey. We are there with our books, DVD's and CD's for the children, parents and teachers.
I love school book fairs, since little ones acquire a taste for wholesome reading from their earliest years.
May your week be blessed. Sister Mary Peter

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