Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Good Day

Today was a full one for me and the other sisters. Sr. Emily and I left early this morning to be at Nativity of Our Lord in Warminster, PA. Saturday evening Sisters Patricia Mary and Neville Christine set up a spacious display of Pauline books, CD's and DVD's in the Parish Conference Center. Two Sisters of St. Joseph, Sister Peggy and Sister Madeline, prepared coffee and donuts to make us feel at home and to keep warm on a chilly morning.

People did come over to see our display, including the pastor and his associate. both of the priests purchased titles for themselves and their ministry. Some of the ladies who staff the parish's "Neumann Library" were very helpful. The parish library is housed in the Center and part of the library is available on a cart at the church entrance.
Sometimes it is a challenge to explain titles to youngsters. A five year old boy was having a hard time choosing a book. I picked up "the Adventures of St. Paul" which has colorful illustrations and a simple vocabulary. As I showed the book to the young man, I noted that the cover showed Paul keeping afloat while the boat he had been on was breaking up. I thought that maybe this eager reader would not comprehend the word "shipwreck." I said, " You know who St. Paul was. He was a good friend of Jesus who went through a lot for Jesus. He was even beat up many times for God." The boy's big brown eyes widened: "He was beat up?" I replied, "Yes." By this time he had grasped the book and was holding it tight. St. Paul's enduring a hard time for Jesus convinced the little man that he should know more about this hero. The kindergartner's big smile was one of the highlights that made my day.
It was consoling to realize too that several people were able to take home books meant to alleviate stress and mental hardship.
For us Paulines today was the Feast of Jesus, the Divine Master, Way, Truth and Life. We pray that all those whom we met today may be blessed with a deeper love for Jesus Master.

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Anonymous said...

I love the Daughters of St. Paul! Your bookstores provided me with my first books about Jesus and the spiritual life when I had my conversion in '92! God bless you and your Sisters!