Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Week Adventure

If you live in the USA, you no doubt heard or read about the "Bluricane" of 2010's winter. On Sunday, December 26, the snow did not "lay, deep and crisp and even". Instead, the snow blew deep, unevenly, icily, and swiftly as we drove north on Interstate 95. Travel through New York City was the slowest I have ever seen. The majority of drivers went slowly and carefully. When I took the wheel, roads were already very slippery. Snow covered the roadway, and all the huge snow ploughs seemed to be going south as we headed straight north into the jaws of a great nor'ester. At times the snow pelted us with ice which kept tapping on the car coating the windshield with ice. The maximum speed was 30 miles per hour. I avoided using the brake to avoid spinning out and losing control. At a certain point when white-outs, blinding blasts of snow surrounded us, we decided to take the next exit with a lodging sign. Thankfully, there was room in an inn for three of us Sisters. The snacks and fruit we brought along served as supper, since there was no restaurant close by. We had taken along our eggnog which provided protein. The next morning, the inn had a well stocked breakfast room.
The inn extended its checkout time until noon, so we prayed and did some computer work in the comfort of a warm hotel room. Boston was still getting snow, so we took our time and made our way to Boston. We were just about 60 miles south of our destination. However, the force of a combination of blizzard and hurricane destined us to stop in Rhode Island. We were blessed that there was "room in the inn" when we arrived. On Monday Interstate 95's four lanes were all cleared and visible. On Sunday evening, barely one lane was clear, and it was often invisible.
As we drove north, we saw many cars which had spun out and were facing in the wrong direction, or some had slid off the roadway. My faith in our  Guardian Angels was reinforced after many near misses, when people passed us and then swerved right and left because of the treacherous roadways. As darkness enveloped us, and white-outs threatened, I kep thinking of the hymn blessed Cardinal Newman wrote, "Lead Kindly Light amid the encircling gloom, lead thou me on." We were all thankful for having arrived safely, for the efforts of all the snowplough drivers, the salt truck men, the highway patrols, and the good roadways and communications systems. We kept in touch with our Sisters by cell phone, so they would know where we were.
As we await the New Year, we pray in thanksgiving for all the graces God has sent in good measure. And, we thank God ahead of time for all the good he will shower on us in 2011. Have a Merry continuation of Christmas week!

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