Monday, December 20, 2010

On the Theshold of Christmas

The last few weeks have been filled with activity. We Sisters in Philadelphia carried out three Birthday Parties for Baby Jesus. If you are wondering what's a Baby Jesus birthday Party anyway, it's a simple response. For years children have been taken to shopping centers to meet with Santa Claus to ask him for what they want for Christmas. A visit to Santa was always an occasion for a holiday  nice photo. Since Christmas is really the commemoration of Jesus' birthday, why not put Jesus in the center of the photo? At our Baby Jesus Birthday parties, children and often their parents dress as characters of the Nativity Story. We provide costumes, a manger and a Baby Jesus statue for the photos. Many families have made attendance at our Baby Jesus parties a normal part of  their Christmas holiday activities.
Since our Philadelphia book store is temporarily closed as we search for a better location, we have taken the Parties "on the road".
An integral part of the Birthday Party for Baby Jesus is our display of  good books and audio/visuals. Pauline media offer a means to reinforce the idea that the Christmas celebrations really are a way to wish a truly Happy Birthday to Jesus, and remind the children that Christmas is more about giving than receiving. Of course, with the generosity of two local bakeries, we gave a treat to  each child.
At our first Baby Jesus Party, we took the time to "be in the picture" too.

It's amazing how otherwise mischievous children pose as little angels, or shepherds or as Joseph and Mary. And, they look authentically holy--at least for the time it takes to snap their pictures!

A "Nativity Scene" pose in south Philadelphia
As you make the final preparations for the celebration of Jesus' coming as a real baby into this world, may you be graced with much peace, love and true joy.

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