Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pictures Speak for Us

Our Christmas celebration was very relaxed and joyful. We placed a Nativity scene in our living room window, so Baby Jesus was front and center. We prepared a good dinner with ham, sweet potatoes, and two kinds of greens. A few days before Christmas, I made "kolachi", a sweet bread roll that many of my neighbors from Eastern Europe would give our family as gifts. This year I was able to make apricot roll, walnut roll and poppy seed kolachi. It freezes well and makes a handy snack with tea or coffee, especially in cold weather. Of course, we sampled some of each flavor to make sure they were all right.
We also had eggnog which gives a special holiday feel to our celebrations.

Sr. Emily, Sr. neville Chrstine,
Sr. Patricia Mary, Sr. Mary Peter
On Christmas Eve night we attended 9:00 PM Mass at Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish in Northeast Philadelphia. We were treated to a very lively homily by the pastor, Father Quinter.

A "Cool" Gift
On Christmas Day we attended a 10:00 AM Mass at St. Christopher Parish a little farther north of us. The singing was very good and at that Mass too the priest's homily reminded us of the reality of God taking on a real human body on the first Christmas Day.
On the next day we ventured out into the oncoming blizzard and hurricane which caused us to stay overnight in Rhode Island. Here are two tiny videos with a few seconds of us Sisters in real life winter weather.

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