Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter and New Life

My apologies for not blogging sooner. My family has had some trials lately. On March 1, my Uncle William J, Malone was buried. Earlier that morning, my brother-in-law Dennis died suddenly. Dennis was the husband of my youngest sister, and Dad to Steven and Megan. Dennis was well loved in the rural community where he and Kelly spent the last 25 years. A lover of the outdoors, Dennis worked for the Army Corps of Engineers guarding and sustaining the Berlin Lake area. He loved hunting and fishing, and his wife and children followed his example. Soon a man-made lake will be named after him. The lake will be stocked with fish to perpetuate his memory. Another brother-in-law, Bob, gave a moving eulogy.
On Easter one of my older sisters was rushed to the hospital with what appeared to be severe pneumonia. The doctors soon concluded that all her symptoms were those of Legionnaires Disease. She caught it while in Florida. Now she is on a ventilator to assist her breathing. She is hooked up to many tubes, and monitors in an ICU unit in Ohio.I went home to Ohio for a few days to see her. On my last visit she opened her eyes for a sustained period and I assume she understood what I said.
I ask the prayers of all of you who read this for my sister Coletta who is 5 years older than I. She is the mother of five adult children, and grandmother of many! On my last visit home in September, I stayed at her house.
On a happier note I was happy to meet my four-month-old great niece. She is a cheerful and content little girl. She seems eager to walk already. Also before I left Ohio Father Jeffry Mickler took me to see a real eagle's nest in North Lima, Ohio. The nest is atop a very tall, barren tree. I was able to see the white topped eagle peeking down at me. Father has a super strong lenses that shows much more than my eyes could see. Check out his Facebook page: Jeffry Mickler. The lines "Fly like an eagle; and I will raise you up on eagles' wings" kept replaying in my head.
Thank you and I hope to write more next week. Starting tomorrow we will have our once-a-year visitation from our Provincial Superior. So my blog time will be minimal at most. Have a blessed rest of April.
The photos are Father Mickler's. That's me staring up at the nest.

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