Sunday, April 14, 2013


In this part of our country Spring indeed has arrived. Flowers are blooming--tulips, pansies, dandelions-- and trees are sporting their blossoms. their pollen is layering on our outside sign. This year I am more bothered by Spring allergies than ever before.
However lest you think me a pessimist, I do love Spring. On those days when a light rain softens the earth, I am reminded of Monet paintings. I was in Ohio for almost a week. When I returned I found the sycamore tree outside my room already sporting green leaves.
Today's gospel passage reminds us that Jesus forgave Peter who had denied him. He also entrusted his church to Peter and the other Apostles. The affirmative response Jesus was waiting for came in Peter's words: "Yes, Lord, you know that I love you." Jesus asked for Peter's love for him as Master and Lord. Jesus' love had already been proven when he died on Calvary and when he gave the Apostles his body and blood on the evening of the Last Supper. Let us pray for Pope Francis, the successor of St. Peter as he continues in his ministry as Bishop of Rome and head of the universal church.

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