Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Not Easy

Someone commented about my blog post yesterday. He seemed to think my take on the Marathon Bombing and its aftermath was "too easy." A Christian/Catholic view of life is that of the Crucified and Risen Lord. Jesus' resurrection and ever present help is always available. However this help comes to pull us out of the depths of sorrow and pain that we can experience, especially when faced with the evil, destructive violence. This pain is our "cross". Putting up with it, without undue complaining, blaming and other negative comments is our living the Scripture's advice: "Bless and do not curse."
Once in Rome, after spending three hours with a friend viewing the beauty and history of the Basilica of St. Paul's Outside the Walls, I experienced what that phrase meant. I was standing on a street corner near the Basilica speaking with two of our Italian senior Sisters. All of a sudden I felt my head jerk. A group of young men in their early twenties had come along and pulled off my veil, throwing it into the gutter. My first reaction was not a prayer, but something else.
Then I thought of the words, "Bless and do not curse!" That is in no way easy to do when justifiable anger rises. However it is possible with the grace of God.

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