Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Yesterday I read a notice by a fellow Daughter of St. Paul, Sister Helena Raphael Burns, about Steve Jobs of Apple.
I do not have an Apple ipod, but I have had a Palm Pilot for several years. My Palm is in need of a new electrical attachment. However, I am very interested in ipod applications, and all things digital, since our publishing house, Pauline Books & Media,, offers down loadable applications.
Sr. Helena referred to an article about Mr. Jobs in which a blogger complained that Apple is not progressive enough because it refuses to allow pornographic apps.
In a calm and rational defense published in the Wall Street Journal, Steve Jobs answered the young blogger that he would understand when he became a father. Jobs' argument is that we need to be protected against certain kinds of media. His statement reminded me of one made back in the 1970's by the Russian author Solzhenitsyn who told a group of American graduates that we need to be protected from an overdose of information. Or, as people who Twitter would say: TMI (too much information). I personally do not need to know everything, just what I need. Thanks to Mr. Jobs for taking a stand.

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