Monday, May 31, 2010

Ballet for God

Tonight we were treated to a ballet performance by a young woman named Molly. She is 21 years old, and a lovely ballet dancer. I was pleased by her moves, her seeming to fly through the air, and her smiling face. She obviously loves what she is doing. I have a nephew who is close to her in age. I have seen him dance only on his YouTube videos. His forte is film making. Like Molly, Steven is awaiting a big break to move into his field of art--movie making. It may be that one day we will see Molly on a professional stage in Boston, New York or Toronto. One day too when the credits roll on a new film, I will see Steven's name closer to the top. He may start as Best Boy or gaffer, but his ideal is to be director. I remember him as an 8 year old, rounding up his cousins to "star" in one of his video productions. John Paul II, once an actor himself, wrote a beautiful Letter to Artists. Their work tells stories that words cannot adequately express. May they use their talents to give glory to God and to help the rest of us strive for that Beauty that is God.


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