Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A Time for Prayer and Healing

On Sunday I made a "meditative walk" in Larz Anderson Park a stone's throw from our convent. Since it was a retreat day for us Sisters, it was a good day to enjoy God's creation and how people can make beautiful things of it. There is a saying: God made the rivers, but he did not make the bridges. A lovely gazebo is nestled on the shore of the Larz Anderson pond. A creative landscape artist worked with nature to make something beautiful and useful. City dwellers were tending their small "Liberty gardens" hoeing and weeding the rectangles of fertile soil.
Friends were walking together, couples and families were relaxing on the grass. I enjoyed the mother duck and her energetic duckling. Two Canada geese were totally intent on lunch. They seemed oblivious to the people who passed them.
I prayed for those of you who read my blog, and for those who will pray for our church using the prayers I wrote. To read (and hear some of) them, go to http://www.pauline.org/ and click on the link on your right hand side called: http://Prayers for Our Church in Troubled Times/. God bless you! Sister Mary Peter

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