Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mothers' Day and First Communion

Mothers' Day brings to mind many things: my own mother, my dear grandmother, and my First Holy Communion Day.
Both my grandmother and my mother have joined the Blessed Mother in heaven.
Today a friend of mine brought me to see a beautiful church in Cambridge, Massachusetts where she is a parishioner. the last child of the day's First Holy Communion group was being picked up as we stopped to see the church. The little girl was radiant in her white dress and veil, with a white shoulder cape that protected her from today's powerful winds. The young girl was all smiles as she joined her family in the car. She reminded me of my own First Holy Communion day, also Mother's Day many years ago in Ohio. My second grade mentality at the time understood something of the greatness of that day. However, as I grew older and understood more, I appreciate now and am more grateful than ever for that gift on Mother's Day many years ago. I pray that my mother and all mothers who have gone before us may be enjoying the radiance of the Son of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. And, I pray for all those little men and women who this month receive Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time. May it mark for each of them a beautiful, life-long journey of companionship with Christ.

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